Koninklijke Ginkel Groep


Location: Netherlands

Koninklijke Ginkel Groep (Royal Dutch Ginkel Group), often abbreviated to KGG, has been established 117 years ago. They have 250 staff members employed. Their working region is central Netherlands, while they are located in Veenendaal. The company is experienced in the green living environment, both indoors and outdoors.

Within the group, Roa Novum BV is active as social company with a PSO-30 plus certificate. KGG is ISO-9001 and VCA-2 certified and has CO2 level 3. They also have all Groenkeur certificates that are relevant to the Green Space. KGG is a family business and currently the 4th generation is in charge, while the 5th generation is lined up to start working in 2020.

KGG works in private, public, business area, as well as the living building (outdoors and indoors) and the Green City. Most of their activities are related to creation and maintenance of gardens, public green, interior, facades, roofs (including green roofing), etc. They also develop nature and they are since 2001 partner with the RANOX-nature contractor. Furthermore, they do research and maintain trees and private and public swimming pools.

Young people and new employees with a different background start in the company for an orientation program, while they choose their specific job position afterwards. They will then further improve their expertise, also through Lifelong Learning. KGG itself has a lot of knowledge and experience in their company, as they also have project advisors in place.

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