OK Nygaard

Landscaping company

Location: Denmark

OK Nygaard is the largest landscaping company in Denmark. In the season they have about 650 employees. OK Nygaard is working with facility management as well as construction (Hardscaping). During the last 40 years, the company has worked with sustainable projects and been part of developing green areas in almost all cities in Denmark. 10% of the employees is currently part of an education program and 70% is already educated at different educational levels from VET to Master degrees.

OK Nygaard supports Green Academy’s education and training program and is on several levels cooperating with this VET provider. At the moment OK Nygaard and Green Academy are working on a program to help young people who have had a difficult start in life getting an education. Also Green Academy and OK Nygaard work on several models for additional education (further professionalization) for the already educated staff, team leader education, etc as part of Lifelong Learning.

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