VOŠ a SZeŠ BeneŠov

Vocational education and training provider

Location: Czech Republic

VOŠ a SZeŠ BeneŠov Agricultural College and Agricultural Secondary School was founded in 1895 and since then it has granted qualifications to many students. The Agricultural Secondary School offers to the graduates of elementary schools four branches of studies: Agri Enterprising, Horticulture, Veterinary Studies and Natural Science Lycée, and three apprentice branches: Farming, Horse Breeding and Horticulture.

The Agri Enterprising branch offers four school study programmes: Business in Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Equestrian Studies. At the Agricultural College there is one branch – The Agriculture Enterprise. The students of these branches study all common agricultural subjects and also some special subject. The study lasts four years and the school leaving examination includes both practical and theoretical parts. The practical training of our students is provided by our school farm or by means of our partner enterprises. Good knowledge of foreign languages is very important and that is why we teach one foreign languages – English, both general and vocational.

There is also the great opportunity for our students to develop their language abilities abroad – our school has had for many years an active partnership with a few schools and organizations abroad. We cooperate with them in the area of student exchanges, international projects and practical training placements.

VOŠ a SZeŠ BeneŠov agricultural College and Agricultural Secondary School is a member of EUROPEA International – the association working for the development of vocational education and training (VET) in the green sector of Europe. Currently, there are 417 students studying Agricultural Secondary School and 44 students studying Agricultural College. The number of staff is 90.

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