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Location: Czech Republic

ITTEC s.r.o. was founded in 1995 as private company focused on Irrigation and Turf Technologies. The organisation quickly became leader in professional solutions for turf machinery and irrigation systems focused on sport fields (e.g. machinery and irrigation for golf courses, football and baseball stadiums, etc.) and municipalities (eco-friendly machinery for turf and municipality, park irrigation systems etc.).

Together with long term work with professional customers like public city parks, golf courses etc., ITTEC s.r.o. is not only one of the biggest importers of garden, park and sport irrigation systems in central Europe, but also offers education facilities focused on program Intelligent Use of Water – program what helps to understand where, how and why save water during irrigation usage.

With their product and knowledge range, ITTEC are successfully participating on projects with standards of LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Together with irrigation systems, ITTEC is importer of smart cities friendly machinery like small electric utility vehicles and eco-friendly park grass mowers. With those products, the company helps reducing noise and emissions while municipality machinery is used in cities around Czech Republic. ITTEC s.r.o. is an SME (small and medium-sized enterprises). The company has about 50 employees.

For internationalisation purposes, ITTEC are providing all steps starting with translations of manuals, mobile applications and webpages, through regular trainings on our education meetings and local product implementation with our partners and customers.

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