One of the scenarios in our post-project strategy to ensure the sustainability of our regional Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) and European Platform from Urban Greening, are (co)funded spin-off projects. Practical examples of granted projects, can be found below.

The Worlds of Green, as developed by GroenPact

GREENVEU – Recruitment for the Worlds of Green

The partner organisations within the GREENVEU project will learn how to do research after the drivers, motives and values of the target groups we identified per region.
This reseach, consisting of a qualitative as well as a quantitative part, will be guided by Motivaction, an organisation specialized in doing just this kind of research.


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BARCoVE – Applied Research in VET

The Erasmus+ Forward-Looking Project titled ‘Building an Applied Research Facility Into CoVE’ (BARCoVE), is about conducting applied research in VET on Urban Greening. The project on monitoring water and biodiversity on green roofs takes place between January 2023 – December 2024. The project duration is 2 years.

BARCoVE focuses on applied research as a lever for scientific, technical innovation within urban space, green and water management.

The four research fields are:

  1. Permeable paving
  2. Soil and plant properties in technical Sustainable Drainage Systems
  3. Rainwater systems
  4. Green roofs


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