EFA La Malvesia

Vocational education and training provider

Location: Spain

EFA La Malvesia is a semi-private school which has been teaching agricultural vocational training and secondary education since 1970. The institution has a great importance around rural areas because there are more than 600 students who come from different towns in the Valencian Community. It is part of UNEFA (Union of Agricultural Family Schools) which joins 27 EFAs in Spain. In addition, UNEFA is integrated in AIMFR (International Association of Maisons Familiar Rural). Every schools in this association follow the same original training system from the beginning.

The main feature of our education system the alternative stages between school and company, very close to the German Dual System. This has been applied since the beginning of school. The methodology has developed the employability and, besides, it has propitiated a close relation with companies of the agriculture and forestry sector in our region.

Regarding Dual Training, nowadays we have agreements with over 700 companies. The most important are Public institutions (Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment) but small-size companies too.

EFA La Malvesia belongs to EUROPEA International, a network institution of schools related with green sector which are renown for successful Erasmus projects.
In 2019, EFA La Malvesia has been awarded the Mobility Chart (Erasmus+ VET Chart).

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