Location: Spain

Paimed Paisajistas de Mediterraneo (Paimed) by Projar Group, specializes in sustainable eco solutions; i.e. advanced landscaping, bioengineering and environmental solutions, aimed at solving important problems in society and the business world.

These are solutions aimed at improving energy efficiency, reducing the environmental impact of human action or increasing the environmental quality of spaces. We also offer gardening and landscaping services, including the maintenance of green areas and swimming pools, as well as the design and creation of green areas and natural environments. Execution of Environmental Restoration and bioengineering projects and we have an environmental consulting area.

Their main task is to create value for their clients and solve landscape and environmental problems. Their commitment is focused on quality service, efficiency and innovation. They are specialized in landscape projects of high added value that not all gardening or environmental companies are able to offer, such as landscaped roofs or phytodepuration systems.

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