Remote Irrigation Management System in Picassent (Valencia, Spain)

1 minute read

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of responsible and sustainable use of water resources. Perhaps for that reason, more and more town councils are demanding the implementation of remote irrigation management systems.

These systems are characterised by greater control over water consumption and losses, and the possibility to adapt irrigation volumes to daily weather conditions. In other words, greater control leads to greater sustainability of the irrigation service.

PAIMED, partner in the European Platform for Urban Greening, is currently working on the implementation of a remote management system for public irrigation in the Spanish town of Picassent. The system includes technology to measure and record soil and climate parameters, calculate water needs and remotely manage the irrigation.

In the specific case of Picassent, the town will have a single centralised controller connected to a web platform for remote management. The orders will be sent to the irrigation equipment of each garden through an antenna with an up to 1.5km range. Initially, the system will only manage the irrigation of two large parks, but it is expected to progressively be extended to more areas, until manage the irrigation of the entire urban green surface.

In conclusion, this is an ambitious project that will make the irrigation of Picassent green spaces much more efficient and sustainable.