First Spin-off Project Granted: Building an Applied Research Facility Into CoVE

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The Erasmus+ Forward-Looking Project titled 'Building an Applied Research Facility Into CoVE' (BARCOVE), which received final approval last month, is about conducting applied research in VET on Urban Greening. The project on monitoring water and biodiversity on green roofs will kick-off in January 2023. The project duration is 2 years.

BARCOVE focuses on applied research as a lever for scientific, technical innovation within urban space, green and water management.

The four research fields are:

  1. Permeable paving
  2. Soil and plant properties in technical Sustainable Drainage Systems
  3. Rainwater systems
  4. Green roofs

Spin-off from European Platform for Urban Greening

The granted project application is the first spin-off by the Platform for Urban Greening. It’s proof of concept for one of the scenarios in our post-project strategy to keep our regional Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) and European Platform from Urban Greening going after the current project funding has ended.

Coordinated by industry leaders OKNygaard from Denmark, other partners in the application are Ginkelgroep, Projar, EFA la Malvesia, Green Acadamy Arhus, and Yuverta plus World Skills Romania and CIV Water.

About Erasmus+ Forward-Looking Projects

Forward-Looking Projects are large-scale projects that aim to identify, develop, test and/or assess innovative (policy) approaches that have the potential of becoming mainstreamed, thus improving education and training systems.

The goal is to support transnational cooperation projects implementing a coherent and comprehensive set of sectoral or cross-sectoral activities that either:

  • foster innovation in terms of scope, ground-breaking methods and practices, and/or
  • ensure a transfer of innovation (across countries, policy sectors or target groups), thus ensuring at European level a sustainable exploitation of innovative project results and/or transferability into different contexts and audiences.