Green Earth Day in the Czech Republic

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As part of the celebration of Earth Day in the Czech Republic, primary school children learned what climate change is on our planet and how they themselves can contribute to mitigating its effects.

They had two opportunities to do so.
1️⃣Firstly, on the town square of Město Benešov and 2️⃣2️also during a programme prepared for children in the premises of the Secondary school of Agriculture Benešov.
The programme was prepared for them by the Czech Centre of Vocational Excellence, or rather by its members – Agriculture school and the town Benešov.
Children learned in a playful way, for example,
👉what is the carbon footprint,
👉how to save water,
👉why it is good to compost,
👉how growing plants in water works (Aquaponics)
👉or why green roofs in the city are useful.
They also participated in the creation of a meadow or an insect house.
Carbon footprint