Aftermovie: International Urban Greening Week in the Netherlands

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Between 9 and 22 April 2023, the first-ever International Urban Greening Week took place simultaneously in the Netherlands and Finland.

International teams of vocational students set to work on real-life learning challenges provided by companies and municipalities. The challenge consisted of practical research, workshops and several field trips and concluded with a presentation of their findings to a jury of experts on urban greening. By working on their challenge, the students contributed to climate resilience, biodiversity and the health and well-being of all urban residents with urban green spaces. In this aftermovie, you get an impression of the International Urban Greening Week 2023 that took place in the Netherlands and why stakeholders were happy to participate.

The challenge in the Netherlands was provided by the municipality of Houten. Students presented elaborate plans and drawings for a biodiverse and green station area to a jury consisting of urban greening experts from Houten municipality, Koninklijke Ginkel Groep and Katapult. Their plans focused on a station area that has a connection to surrounding green structures and outdoor space, so that flora and fauna have an ecological connection. And that also incorporates green-blue measures that contribute to climate adaptation.