The first Center of Vocational Excellence established in Denmark

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Monday 12 December 2022 was the day Denmark got its first Center of Vocational Excellence (CoVE). The center unites educational institutions, companies, authorities and other interested parties in the efforts to develop up-to-date education and new solutions for the industry through co-creation and synergy.

The focus of the new center’s activities is “Urban greening” and nature-based solutions in the green transformation of our cities – a transformation which is highly necessary due to climate change, the need for increased biodiversity and improved living conditions in the modern city.

The center has been established in a collaboration between the country’s largest landscaping company, OKNygaard A/S, Green Academy Aarhus and Aarhus Municipality, and is financially supported by the EU until the end of 2024. Over time, the initiators will seek to expand the partnership with new members, so that in the long term it can support the provision of the absolutely necessary competent workforce in the landscaping industry.

We are one step closer to establishing a Green NASA in Denmark.
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