Podcasts Series About Biodiversity.

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Biodiversity Unveiled: Exploring Nature, Sustainable Food, and Blended Learning through Green Academy's Podcast Series

Green Academy’s Podcast Series

Podcasts series about biodiversity.

At Green Academy, we focus on learning activities regarding all aspects of nature, Biodiversity and sustainable food production.
A series of thematic podcasts on Biodiversity will allow for various blended learning activities and raising public awareness on the matters.
The content will be available on all hosting services and to all who wish to enjoy it. Furthermore the concise format addresses the short attention spans of students and supports blended learning.
Every episode of the podcast discusses an aspect of Biodiversity.
On the picture Zoe, teacher at Green Academy and the voice of different episodes related to biodiversity.
Listen to our first episode THE WHY by using this link: https://youtu.be/OJJf10b11HQ