Green area management classification in Finland

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As a part of the knowledge and skills transfer in EPLUG project we share proven practices from each region to another. As one practice, we present the green area management classification used in Finland.

The Finnish Association of Landscape Industries has produced a classification ABC of green space management by use and users and by quality and cost objectives for the green areas. In 2020 the classification has been updated by RAMS and is intended as a national classification guide for green areas, which serves as a general guide for the classification of green areas. It allows green space owners to classify the green areas they own into categories that determine the quality of use and maintenance.

This classification is based on a value-based approach and is part of the development of the Urban Green Guidelines. Capital invested in green space maintenance generates multiple benefits, both economic and physical and mental, for green space owners and users through the ecosystem services and aesthetics it provides.

What is the need this practice responds to and how it does that?

When green areas and maintenance objectives are classified in the same way, it is easier for the client and the contractor to communicate about the maintenance work in all parts of Finland.

The fact that each client produces its own material makes it harder for the contractor to control how the work is done and costs cannot be compared nationwide.

All green areas, public and private, parks, recreation areas, sports grounds, cemeteries, traffic green areas and green areas on real estate can be classified in the same way. This saves time and makes it easier to compare costs.

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