Green area maintenance general worksheet in Finland

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As a part of the knowledge and skills transfer in EPLUG project we share proven practices from each region to another. As one practice, we present the green area maintenance general worksheet used in Finland. It continues tradition of work reports for the maintenance of green areas. It is intended to be a nationwide general green area maintenance specification and quality requirements document.

In addition to maintenance, the green area maintenance general worksheet contains quality requirements for the commissioning, planning, supervision and asset management of a maintenance project. In addition, the publication contains general quality requirements for winter maintenance, sanitation, vegetation management, maintenance of structures, equipment, furniture and installations, maintenance and operation of maintenance and information systems, quality maintenance repair work and maintenance and operation of operating systems.

Green area maintenance general worksheet responds to the needs of green industry

When green areas maintenance work specification is common to all and applied in the same way, it is easier for the client and the contractor to communicate about the maintenance work in all parts of Finland.

The worksheet is a description of good maintenance, which includes quality specifications that are repeated with the same content from one maintenance project to the next. They provide a practical tool for planning and implementing good maintenance.

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