Fifth Transnational Project Meeting in Valencia, Reference Green Capital

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On March 21, 22 and 23, the long-awaited meeting between the partners of the European Platform for Urban Greening took place. Nearly 50 participants from 6 EU countries representing 15 organizations including vocational schools, green sector companies and trade association ELCA (European Association of Landscape Companies), visited Valencia to work on various aspects of the project.

In a collaborative and friendly environment, the partners shared the different strategies for the creation of 6 CoVEs (Centers of Vocational Excellence) cooperating across borders in a joint platform (PoVE) on European level.

Urgent Need of Nature-Based Solutions and Climate-Resilient Cities

It was a delight, despite the bad weather. Just weeks after major drought fears, Valencia faced flooded streets due to record rainfalls. It emphasises the importance of climate-resilient cities, one of the focus points of our European Platform for Urban Greening.

Watch this video featuring some of the essentials of our CoVE project on Urban Greening and our recent project meeting in Valencia:

Practical Examples of Added Value of Urban Greening

During the field trips carried out during these days to emblematic places in Valencia  such as the Parc Central, Plaza de Brujas, Parc de Capçalera, the Turia riverbed, without forgetting the Albufera nature reserve, the project partners evidenced the change of mentality in Valencia over the past decades, currently offering green areas that have completely changed the landscape and the quality of citizen life, from a sustainable and respectful approach to the environment. Truly inspiring examples of how Urban Greening helps to keep our cities livable, healthy and biodiverse in times of climate change.

Enhancing Quality of Life Through Nature

In his welcome speech, Llombai’s major José Forés, called EFA La Malvesía “small in size but very big in international activities” and welcomed the European Platform for Urban Greening as instrument to reinforce the strategic line of the region to improve the quality of life through nature.

In a work session dedicated to the PoVE, we discussed the process update, what we want the (online and offline) platform to look like, how it should work, and potential business cases.

Work Sessions

Tuesday saw the partners involved in speed dating sessions to facilitate the exchange of expertise. During the carrousel the regional COvEs and ELCA pitched their services (training, expertise, etc) and expressed their needs.

Urban Greening Expert Sessions

On Wednesday morning various experts from the Valencia City Council and various Ministries, such as those of Agriculture and Education, shared a selection of the most relevant projects to date around urban greening, including:

Different approaches and lines of action to create a city that’s firmly committed to green in all facets.

Sergio Campillo, Deputy Mayor of Valencia and Councilor for Urban Ecology, and Carmen Navarro, Deputy Director General for Research, Digital Culture and European Programs, of the Regional Ministry of Education, kindly concluded  with a clear message to continue working to improve our society betting on environmental sustainability and the training of highly qualified professionals to face the future challenges that we follow as a society.

Round Table Discussions

The expert sessions were followed by round table discussions: parallel work sessions for Companies, Schools, Steering Committee and Board of Advisors. We wrapped up with a presentation about our tangible dissemination results so far.

Next PoVE Meeting

The next transnational project meeting will take place in Netherlands, June 12-16.

European Platform for Urban Greening PoVE meeting in Valencia