Compilation of the Project Season 2022 in Finland

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During the 2022 season in Finland, the core theme of the project was promoted through various trainings at AhlmanEdu, VRJ and in the joint CoVE activity.

In the first half of the season, the LUMOgardener (Biodiversity gardener) training was completed at AhlmanEdu, covering topics such as the basics of ecology and adaptation in built-up areas, supporting the naturalness of soil and vegetation, species knowledge and species interactions.

Some of the LUMOgardener students organized a communication campaign around the theme of the course, which was also used to implement the themes to a wider audience. The training also led to the creation of a LUMOprogramme in cooperation with one student for VTS homes, the largest landlord in Tampere. Based on this programme, the VTS homes will train their staff and develop their activities from a biodiversity perspective.

The LUMOgardener training was continued with the LUMOgardener Pro training for green professionals. Participants gave positive feedback on the timeliness and interest of the topics covered.

The expertise of AhlmanEdu’s EPLUG project staff was also used in the preparation of the Pirkanmaa biodiversity programme. This is the first provincial biodiversity programme in Finland.

AhlmanEdu also organized two practical courses on edible forest gardens. In an interesting new opening, the Soil Food Web theory was tested in practice in the green areas of the yard and at the City of Tampere nursery. More information on these experiments will be provided in the future – stay tuned!

VRJ Western Finland office trained its staff in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the EQF system will be used in the company’s activities.

VRJ and AhlmanEdu’s CoVE activities kicked off with a joint bug hotel workshop at the IKEA Tampere site, where students and professionals worked together on a large bug hotel complex in the renovated IKEA yard.

In the coming period 2023, AhlmanEdu will organize, among other things, a training cooperation with the Virho Water Management Association on hydrological cycles and train green companies on EQF.

Edible Forest Garden, AhlmanEdu
CoVE Finland, VRJ Group, AhlmanEdu
CoVE Finland, VRJ Group, AhlmanEdu
Soil Food Web training, AhlmanEdu