Building Momentum in 2023

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In network of European Platform for Urban Greening every region has priorities and objectives in urban greening that needs attention and development this year. For example we aim to impact policy makers, establish infrastructure, create and develop learning environments, launch new trainings and advancing innovations and best practices in urban greening. What building momentum looks like in each region? We have highlighted one point for each region here. Check out all the momentums in the link below.

European Landscape Contractors Association – ELCA

Impact Policy Makers
Having firmly established a movement for change and innovation in the Urban Greening sector over the past two years, in the year ahead, ELCA will focus its efforts on impacting Green legislation with politicians and decision-makers across Europe. Equally, ELCA will strive to improve public understanding of European environmental policies and translate the content of the Green Deal to the Green labour market at large. The year ahead will see ELCA progress its European policy ambitions.

Czech Republic

Establish Infrastructure
With the first two years of the European Platform for Urban Greening completed, 2023 will see Czech Republic set up the infrastructure needed to maintain its standing as a Centre of Vocational Excellence in Urban Greening for the future. Plans are underway to establish an Urban Greening headquarters within Agricultural School BeneŠov’s facilities.


Islands of Excellence
To further establish Denmark as a Centre of Vocational Excellence, the year 2023 will see the regional partners continue to develop the key concept of Islands of Excellence in Urban Greening across the country. By focusing on more efficient feedback loops between industry, educators and government bodies they intend to limit the skills gap and improve the sector’s overall ability to respond faster to changing competency needs in Urban Greening.


Launch New Training Courses
Building on the momentum of their recently developed short courses and firmly establishing Finland as a Centre of Vocational Excellence, the goal in 2023 will be to launch a new qualification courses around wild plant identification and seed collection. These courses will provide complementary study for the Soil Food Web and Edible Forest Garden courses and create valuable opportunities for knowledge exchange between generations.


BARCOVE Hackathon
As an official partner of the newly awarded BARCOVE (Building an Applied Research Facility into Centres of Vocational Excellence) project initiated by the Platform partners in Denmark, over the course of the next two years the partners in the Netherlands will collaborate to develop innovations to complex challenges posed by climate adaptation and green transition demands.


Outdoor Training Area for Urban Greening
In establishing Romania as a Centre of Vocational Excellence in the years and decades to come, this year Romania will develop of an Outdoor Training Area for Urban Greening as part of the Landscape Factory initiative. This outdoor area will provide a physical space for training, research and development and it is also open to the public and include a botanical garden where members of the community can learn about biodiversity and its impact on the urban environment.


Advance Urban Water Management
As an essential element in sustainable Urban Greening practices, water is a key area of focus for the year(s) ahead. Advancing innovations and best practices in Urban Water Management, water drainage, water collection and storage and water (re)use, has been set as a goal amongst Platform industry partners.

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