Biodiversity Course Jointly Developed by Education Provider and Company

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Over the past weeks, staff from Green Academy Aarhus have been working together with OK Nygaard employees on a biodiversity course. The first course took place 2nd of June 2021.

We can’t stress enough the importance of cooperation between partners for the common success. The first video is an interview on the topic with Jakob Arler from OK Nygaard, company manager involved in the Danish Center of Vocational Excellence Urban Greening. Says Arler:

It was the first time in my life that I was this involved in developing a course, being in touch with teachers ánd workers [taking the course].

Both OK Nygaard and Green Academy staff discussed different aspects of their cooperation and came to realize how imperative it is, to keep each other aware of potential blind spots, when creating curricula for the courses that will educate the landscapers of tomorrow.

Karolina Sikala, project manager at the Green Academy in Aarhus and the Danish regional captain, reflected on the first results of  the European Platform for Urban Greening, comparing it with the NASA project to put a man on the moon. Furthermore, she explained which steps the partners in the project have taken to co-create a Life Long Learning course on biodiversity and what the impact this cocreation process made.

This video is a recording of Ms. Sikala’s presentation during the information session on the 2021 call for Erasmus Centers of Vocational Excellence, organised by the EACEA and European Commission:

The second video is an interview on the topic with Jakob Arler from OK Nygaard:

The third video is an interview with teachers who were involved in the course making:

The final video is an interview with OK Nygaard employees, about their first impression of the course.