Team Denmark’s New Year’s Resolutions: Activities for 2023

1 minute read

Recently, the Center of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) on Urban Greening in Denmark had a one-day meeting to discuss the different activities for 2023.

Some of Team Denmark’s New Year’s resolutions are as follows:

  • To invite more stakeholders for the Danish CoVE Urban Greening
  • To develop a new course “City Trees”
  • A Green Academy 360 degrees video tour
  • To test a newly developed Mentor course
  • To work on microlearning (podcasts)
  • To increase collaborating with primary schools
  • To work on newly approved spin-off projects (BARCOVE, Green VEU) and new applications (EPLUG 2.0, Recruitment)
  • To conduct the “Climate Smart Gardener” course
  • To organize a Climate week at Green Academy
  • To send representatives from different stakeholders in the anish CoVE Urban Greening abroad for a 3-day course

We believe there is much more to be done, building a movement towards sustainable green cities. We aim to foster a systemic change by innovating at both practice and policy levels in our own region and abroad, growing momentum for Urban Greening across Europe.